Rediscovering the BLT

3_Rediscovering the BLTEasy to make, flavorful, and an American classic. What’s not to love about the BLT?

Little G loves bacon, and lately, I’ve rediscovered the BLT, throwing them together for dinner every couple of weeks. My bread of choice is sourdough. In addition to the obligatory bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, I also add mayonnaise and freshly ground pepper.

Some other recipes you might like, for your own easy weeknight meal: the BLT Fried Egg-and-Cheese SandwichCalifornia BLTs (they feature avocado and lemon!), and the Perfect BLT Sandwich.

No-stress sides include salad, fruit, and/or macaroni and cheese. Little G’s fruit side of choice is a Honeycrisp apple. More expensive than other varieties, but worth it, we think.

Enjoy, friends. 🙂

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