End-of-Year To-Do Lists

A few days ago, I found myself scribbling out an end-of-year to-do list. Things to take care of before watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Do you have a similar list, too? If so, what’s on yours? Here’s a sample of my action items:

  • Schedule eye-doctor appointment for Stanton.
  • Give Stanton all doctor info so that he can begin making his own appointments in 2015. 🙂
  • Add Little G to our dental plan.
  • Schedule dentist appointment for Little G. (I don’t mind making her appointments for the next 15 years!)
  • Keep writing “In-Laws.” (I’m hoping to finish my newest fiction story before Baby G comes along.)
  • Take car to get air filters changed. (This has been on various to-do lists since the summer; I’m not confident it will ever actually happen.)
  • Finish addressing Christmas cards; stamp and mail.
  • P.S.: Buy stamps.
  • Buy rest of Christmas presents: co-workers and Little G’s teachers.
  • Sweep out garage. (Another one that’s debatable if it will actually happen.)
  • Schedule pedicure. (This WILL happen!)
  • Begin setting up Baby G’s nursery. **Do not leave this till the last minute.**
  • Register for delivery at hospital.

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