Hello, Grilled Cheese

6_Hello, Grilled CheeseI just made grilled cheese for the first time, for dinner. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I didn’t cook much before Little G was born three years ago, and the limited menu I did prepare simply didn’t include this all-American favorite.

Well, friends, I’ve finally jumped on the grilled cheese bandwagon. I even consulted this recipe for “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” to make sure I didn’t mess up. And happily, I didn’t. Next time, though, I’ll use more cheese. And maybe a bit more butter, too.

Beyond butter and cheese, check out Woman’s Day’s “10 Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches” for scrumptious twists on the classic.

Speaking of twists, what do you think about this grilled cheese Cronut? “The whole thing comes together in a few short minutes [and] the result is something you will never forget—especially if you serve them with tomato soup, which of course you should,” the Huffington Post says. Yes, you should! 🙂

How do you like your grilled cheese?


  1. Whole wheat bread, white American cheese, and butter. I’ve never even tasted a grilled cheese sandwich in my life, but I’ve made hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of them, for my husband and two cheese-loving kiddos. Sometimes I add ham, and when our garden is producing, the kids will eat tomato on theirs, too. I honestly don’t know what I would feed my family for lunch if the grilled cheese did not exist.


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