Writing Your Mom Blog: Lotsa Post Ideas

What to blog about next? As bloggers, this question is always on our mind. In my experience, I’ve found that I get some of my best ideas when I’m not thinking or worrying about this question—when I’m busy moving through the day, trying something new, or simply living in the moment.

Everyday life can be inspiration enough. But sometimes, the inspirations fall short. For those times, it can be helpful to have a bank of ideas—better yet, several idea banks.

Thus, I’ve done a little Googling to come up with and share the following resources for my fellow bloggers out there. Altogether, these resources promise approximately 1,000 blog post ideas and writing prompts. Here’s to never again wondering, “What to blog about next?”

“31 Fresh Blog Post Ideas” from Family Blog Tips

“If Our House Could Talk” is an interesting topic! So is “From the Spouse’s Perspective.”

“32 of the Most-Popular Blog-Post Ideas” from The Blog Stylist

Personally, I love reading and writing tutorial and how-to posts. This kind of “service journalism” benefits bloggers in a few key ways, including begetting appreciation from readers and establishing the blogger as a content expert.

“101 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Hot” from Start Blogging Online

Contests, giveaways, conspiracy theories … lots to choose from here!

“600+ Brilliant Blog Post Ideas” from Kludgy Mom

Some of my favorites here included the following:

  • 10 Things I Believe
  • If you were only allowed to give your children one piece of advice, what would that be?
  • A Letter to My Unborn Child
  • How has your own childhood changed the way you raise your own kids?
  • Why I Stay Married

“Blog Post Prompts and Ideas” from Pinterest

As of this writing, there are 103 pins here!

“The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas” from Blog Clarity

Magazine covers … who knew?!

Good luck, friends. 🙂


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