23 Conversations With Little G

At 3½ years old, Little G has become her own person. There are times when she banters with my hubby and me that catch us off guard. Little G can alternate between thoughtful, funny, and downright self-centered—like all of us, right? 🙂 Some of these moments follow. And, please “Leave a Comment” to share your moments with your kiddos, friends.

Conversation No. 1

Little G: Morning, Mom.
Me: Hi, honey. Come snuggle with me.
Little G: No, Mom. Time to wake up!
Me: [yawning] Let’s snuggle a minute, honey.
Little G: It’s wake-up time, sleepyhead!

Conversation No. 2

Little G: [snuggling into me] Can I have a treat, Mom?
Me: [loving the snuggles] OK! Here are three chocolate-covered pretzels.
Little G: Because I’m 3! [a few minutes later] Can I have a treat, Mom?
Me: Little G! I just gave you a treat.
Little G: Come on, Mom. [more snuggles]
Me: O … K. [giving her some Goldfish]
Little G: [15 minutes later] Can I have a treat, Mom?
Me: Little G! You’ve had nothing but treats all morning.
Little G: Haha! [pause] How about a cookie?

Conversation No. 3 

Little G: Read me a book, Mom?
Me: Sure, honey. [Little G hands me “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” I begin reading.]
Little G: Mouse really likes his cookie.
Me: He does!
Little G: I like cookies, too. [looking at me]
Me: No, Little G.


Conversation No. 4

Little G: Is this the right feet?
[Asks this question every time before putting on her shoes.]

Conversation No. 5

Me: Ready for school?
Little G: Yes, the big sister’s ready!
(Little G’s little sister is due in a few weeks.)

Conversation No. 6

Little G: You’re too big for your car seat, Mom.
Me: Thanks, honey. (The ninth month of pregnancy will do that to you!)

Conversation No. 7

Me: Hmm, I think this is the right turn.
Little G: Are you sure you know where you’re going, Mom?
(Who doesn’t love a backseat driver, of any age?!)

Conversation No. 8

Little G: Look, Mom: I’m not picking my nose today.
Me: Good job!

Conversation No. 9

Little G: I want a treat!
Me: You need to eat your lunch first. Got it?
Little G: No, I don’t got it!

Conversation No. 10

Me: Ouch!
Little G: What, Mom?
Me: I just hurt my back. I’m OK, though.
Little G: Sorry about your owie, Mom. Let’s sit down and talk about it.

Conversation No. 11

Little G: Time to go to Starbucks!
Me: Yes!
Little G: Your favorite place, Mom!
Me: Well … one of them, honey!

Conversation No. 12

Me: Today is your school program! Yay!
Little G: I don’t feel like singing today.
Me: Well, maybe you can try.
Little G: Hmm … no, not today. 

Conversation No. 13

Little G: Fix my hair, Mom? Dad didn’t do a good job, again.
Me: He tried his best. But yes, let me fix your hair.

Conversation No. 14

Me: Here’s your dinner, honey.
Little G: No! I don’t want tacos! No.
Me: It’s either tacos or nothing.
Little G: [sighing deeply] O … K, Mom.

Conversation No. 15

Me: I need to use the potty, honey. I’ll be right back.
Little G: I’ll come with you, Mom.
Me: No, it’s OK, honey.
Little G: No, it’s OK, Mom. I’ll just sit right here on my step stool, right here, and watch you. OK?
Me: [sighing deeply] O … K.

Conversation No. 16

Me: Oh, man. I just messed something up.
Little G: It’s OK, Mom.
Me: I need to redo this. Man!
Little G: No pouting, Mom.

Conversation No. 17

Little G: Mom, you’re my best lady in the world.
Me: Awww … you, too!

Conversation No. 18

Me: How was your work dinner, honey?
Hubby: Good!
Little G: What did you have?
Hubby: Chicken Laredo.
Little G: Wow! That’s different!

Conversation No. 19

Me: Do you know who loves you?
Little G: You!
Me: Yes! And …
Little G: Daddy. And Jesus loves me, too.
Me: ❤

Conversation No. 20

Little G: Look, Mom! My feet are dancing.
[Says every time I turn on the car radio.]

Conversation No. 21

[at the library]
Me: Let’s check out some books!
Little G: Or, some DVDs!
Me: How about books and DVDs?
Little G: I just want DVDs.

Conversation No. 22

Little G: My shirt doesn’t fit anymore!
Me: It’s just fine.
Little G: No, it’s too small! My head’s stuck!
Me: Here, let me just unbutton these buttons … there you go. It’s fine.
Little G: [stunned] Hey, you’re right, Mom!
Me: What do you know?

Conversation No. 23

Little G: Time to dance, Mom!
Me: I’m a little tired, honey. I’ll just watch you, OK?
Little G: Because of my baby sister?
Me: Yes, she’s making me a little tired. But I’m excited to watch you! OK?
Little G: OK. Just sit right here. You’ll be OK, sweetie.
Me: Awww … thanks, honey.


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