Motherhood: More Than Skin Deep

“Regardless of how each of us came to be called ‘Mom’—whether by giving birth, adopting, becoming a step-parent, or other journeys —the common thread is that motherhood changes our bodies, minds, and hearts forever,” writes Brooke Meabon of Alamo City Moms Blog. She and her team recently launched the meaningful three-part series Motherhood: More Than Skin Deep in celebration of all these different, though connected, mothers.

I was honored to be asked to participate in Part Two of the three-part series. Please feel welcome to check out my story in Motherhood: More Than Skin Deep, Part Two. I was delighted that 8-week-old Baby G was able to appear with me in one of the photographs.

Brooke asked all the lovely ladies who participated in this project to answer some questions to accompany their stories. Most likely due to space constraints, the entire Q&A’s couldn’t be published. So below, I’ve shared a few additional questions along with my answers.

How would you describe yourself as a mom? affectionate, energetic and sometimes impatient

What do you want your children to tell their children about you? That I not only told them I loved them but showed them I loved them; that I listened to them and took what they had to say seriously; and that I was someone they could turn to and count on.

How do you see your own mother in your mothering style? Food played a big part in my mom’s mothering style; she always made sure that my three siblings and I ate delicious, quality food either at home or at local restaurants. I’m similar in that way. I enjoy cooking and baking for my family and *with* my family, and trying out different eateries, farmers’ markets, and food festivals together. I believe, as my mom did, that good food encourages families to get together, spend time together, and stay close.

Many thanks again to Brooke and Alamo City Moms Blog for including me in their meaningful work here!

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