Our Playroom Makeover in 6 Steps

The girls and I spend a lot of time in our playroom, located in the FROG (finished room over garage) of our home. I wanted to make over this space into something cozier and less cluttered for us. I especially wanted to repaint the walls in order to freshen things up and finally conceal a spackled repair (see it there?) from months ago.

Pic 1

Here’s what we did for our playroom makeover. We’re so happy with how it turned out. Little G in particular loves her “new” room.

1. I cleared out the clutter. The playroom is a play space, not a storage space. Home-improvement articles stress this principle. So keeping it in mind, I put away non-toys (like that bright green container, filled with toddler clothes). I also edited the toy collection to just those that Little G plays with the most (we’ll rotate you back out again soon, Big Bear and Mr. Giraffe!). And I threw out the junk, such as empty sticker sheets and dried-out markers.

Pic 2

2. Next, Little G and I selected a new paint color. We had a mother/daughter date at Lowe’s while my hubby played with Baby G at home. My goal: a warm yet neutral color. Little G, meanwhile, had her heart set on hot pink with purple polka dots.

Pic 3

Our compromise: Sunbaked by Valspar.

P.S. Who comes up with the names for paint colors? What a cool job! I was tempted to select Sugar & Cream based on the name alone … but Sunbaked was the right choice for us. 🙂

Pic 4

3. We had the room painted. A lovely lady I know (a “Jane of all trades”) did the job for us, and did it wonderfully. Here’s a before picture:

Pic 5

And an “after”:

Pic 6

4. We “partitioned” the room as best we could. The playroom doubles as the guest bedroom for visiting family and friends. So the hubby tucked the bed over on the left side of the room—the newly designated “guest bedroom space.” And we set up a cozy reading corner for Little G under the window, where the bed previously was. We also moved the toys over to that part of the room, the newly designated “playroom space.”

Pic 7
5. Something else I moved: the picnic table. It had been downstairs in the living room, but I’m trying to limit the amount of plastic furniture on the first floor. 🙂 Both Little G and I love the picnic table’s new home in the playroom. We have so much fun coloring together when Baby G is napping, and it will be refreshing to enjoy this activity together in this fresh “new” room.

6. My last task: hanging up some art. Two friends recently told me about these Command picture-hanging products. I’m excited to give them a try.

There you have it, friends: our playroom makeover in six steps. Good luck with your own room renovations!


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