You’re Here, and That’s Enough

I was standing, looking out the window streaked with rain. Holding my phone in one hand and my 9-month-old daughter in the other. I was listening as my friend shared some sad news.

She sighed, cleared her throat. I told her I was sorry. And added that I knew there was nothing I could say to make her feel better—I was just very, very sorry.

“I feel,” my friend said, “that I’m failing, at everything.”

Like any friend would, I told her that wasn’t true. You’re not failing.

I could almost see her shaking her head on the other end of the line. So I added, “You’re here. Just being here is enough. Right now, just getting through the day—that’s awesome.”

I thought back to times in my own life when I was sad, as my friend was. And I believe it’s true. When life disappoints you, or hurts you, or scares you, making it through each day, one at a time, is a victory.

“How much easier would it be to, you know, run away?”

She laughed. I was happy to hear her laughter.

You don’t hear much about grown-up runaways, do you?

You do, though, hear about adults who walk away. Partners leave each other, in work and in life. People who have been together for years, husbands and wives. Friends. And saddest of all: parents. Moms and dads who walk away from their families.

It takes strength to stick around during discouraging times.

Times will get better, though. You have to believe that.

But for now, as I told my friend, you’re here. And that’s enough.

Romy and Michele


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