Released in fall 2018… “You Have to Make a Mess Sometimes: Creative Nonfiction Stories,” Melissa’s 9th e-book.

Released in summer 2018…“Backtrack,” Melissa’s newest short story.

Released in fall 2017…Melissa’s fiction short story, “What Happens Next,” the sequel to 2016’s popular “This Is Just a Story.”

What Happens Next Book Cover

Released in fall 2017…Melissa’s creative nonfiction e-book, “It Takes a Little Time: Mini Essays on the Things That Matter.” A little book that offers up big encouragement.

It Takes a Little Time Book Cover

Also available on

Grace Notes: Start Your Day on a Positive Note


This Is Just a Story

This Is Just a Story Cover Image

The Moms

1_Cover Final Version_The Moms








Diaper Bag, Coffee, Let’s Go! 237 Tips for First-Time Moms

Diaper Bag, Coffee, Let's Go! Cover 11-9-13








Toddler Mama: 208 Tips for Years 2 & 3

Toddler Mama Cover 9-15-14

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